Costa di Maratea, foto Roberto Ugolini

The old town centre, which cannot be seen from the coast, is spread out between two squares, Piazza Buraglia and Piazza Vitolo, and it is here that most of the 44 churches, monasteries and chapels of the town, built in different periods and therefore characterised by different architectural styles, are concentrated. The maze of alleys and narrow streets contains the most important churches and the ancient buildings that show the most impressive architectural vestiges, such as loggias, portals, friezes, and obelisks.

If we follow the coastal road from Campania in the direction of Calabria, north to south, we meet the coastal hamlets of Acquafredda, Cersuta, Fiumicello, Porto, Marina, and Castrocucco. Each of them has its own beaches, churches and little meeting places, and stands out for its own typical features and charm.

The other hamlets, Massa, Brefaro and Santa Caterina, scattered in the inland mountains, bear witness to their centuries-old history, and give visitors respite from the summer heat with the cool shade of their luxuriant vegetation. Here gourmets can find little, picturesque trattorie where they can enjoy the tasty typical dishes of the cuisine of Basilicata.