A destra: Prof. Bruno Innocenti con Padre Cerracchio insieme alle maestranze; A sinistra: Maestro Bruno Innocenti


July 1957: Count Stefano Rivetti asked the Florentine sculptor Bruno Innocenti to make the statue. The work began at once.

1957 / 1960: study, realisation of models, and choice of a model, 1.20 metres tall, among a great number of others. Enlargement and development of the selected model to a 5-metre size, that is ¼ of the final size. Division of this “large model” into 12 pieces, in order to enlarge them to the final size and obtain the respective plaster moulds (the entire statue in negative).

1961: completion of the final enlargement of the statue, and subsequent moulding in the spinning mill of Tavarnuzze (Florence), where all the moulds that were ready to be dispatched to Maratea were stored provisionally.

August / September 1964: transport of all the plaster moulds (several hundreds, in different sizes) to Maratea.

September 1964: construction, on the summit of Mount San Biagio, of a mighty concrete-and-iron reinforcement anchored to the foundations that had been dug in the rock of the mountain.

18 December 1964: completion of the entire casting of the statue, which was carried out without any interruption, in a mixture of white cement and flakes of white marble from Seravezza. The flakes of this particular type of marble refract the sun’s rays.

16 July 1965 / November 1965: general chiselling and finishing of the entire surface, carried out directly by the sculptor together with the master chisellers; vitrifaction; dismantling of the scaffolding.

The work was entirely, generously funded by Count Stefano Rivetti di Val Cervo, from the preliminary models to the development and realisation on the spot, without any external contribution.
It was then donated to the citizens of Maratea through a public act of the town council’s resolution.