0.5 per cent.
In order to contribute towards the upkeep and preservation
of the statue of Christ the Redeemer,
please donate 0.5 per cent in your income-tax return,
indicating our taxpayer’s code number:

The “Cristo Redentore di Maratea” NPO Foundation was established in 2004 thanks to the will and care of Chiara Rivetti di Val Cervo, fourth of the six children of Count Stefano.
The purpose of the Foundation is to cooperate in the maintenance, promotion and enhancement of the great statue of Christ the Redeemer, which attracts hundreds of believers and tourists every year.
Marta and Stefano Innocenti, children of the sculptor Bruno Innocenti, donated to the Foundation all the rights relevant to the statue, in order to further its social aims.
The Foundation, which is a socially useful, non-for-profit organisation, has set itself the specific goals of protecting, promoting, highlighting, maintaining, managing and taking care of the great sculpture of Christ the Redeemer of Maratea.
For these goals, the Foundation means to perform the following tasks:
furthering and/or carrying out the restoration, preservation, setting off and supervision of the statue, the surrounding environment, and the approach routes, also proposing ideas and projects to the authorities;
advancing and disseminating knowledge of the statue from the artistic, cultural and social point of view.

The Foundation fosters and/or conducts all private or public activities required for these purposes. To mention only one of these activities as an example, the Foundation will undertake to achieve, encourage and request the circulation of the image of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, in order to make this work known in Italy and all over the world, and to boost the presence of believers and tourists in situ.
Acknowledgement of legal status: Session of Regional Council of Basilicata with resolution no. 2450 of 22 December 2003. Registered from 8 January 08/01/2004 as no. 7 of the Regional Register of private corporations, as per D.P.R. 361 of 19 February 2000.

To contact us please write to: info@cristodimaratea.it

The Foundation thanks for texts:
Marta Innocenti
Sara Palmieri
Luigi Filippo Parravicini

For photographs:
Chiara Rivetti di Val Cervo
Roberto Ugolini